Gabriel Anthony McNeice

I'm testing my vocal capacity

They didn't tell me they were going to put labels on me, too!  It's bad enough with all the G* D*
tubes.  By the way, most of them are history.  I'm packing my bags to go see Isis.My dog, Isis.  It's a he!

Daddy standing guard

Dad is inspecting things in general.  He sure seems
less worried.  Did I tell you I'm gaining weight!

Boy it's tired work being a baby!
If you like this picture, thank Grandma Olmstead who got them to open the lid while she took it. Didn't even wake me. Considerate lady!

This is a younger, skinnier me. I was born February 18, 1999 at Christiana Hospital just outside Wilmington, DE. I arrived at 2:50 PM and weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds 5 ounces. I would have been bigger but for a little feeding problem. That's ok, thank the Good Lord and medical technolgy, I am just lucky to be here -- and you're lucky to have me. By the way, that's my grandmother Olmstead's fingers in the picture. Look closely at my little finger. You'll find the rest of her wrapped around it.

This is me mum.

Marianne Zwaskis

She has a bit of a wound in her tummy
where they removed me and sewed her
back up. She looks pretty happy after all this
doesn't she.

Sean McNeice

My dadů.still looks a bit worried.
I don't know if it's because of me or
the fact he hasn't been to work in about
a week that bothers him. He was right
there with mom all the time.

Don't Fret the Tubes

Hi again. Here's another shot of me and my tubes. The patch over my eye is not to make me look like a pirate. It's due to the very bright light that fights jaundice, a very common event in the lives of many newborns, even if they are full term. I breath on my own. As a precaution, there's a tube raising my oxygen level to about 24% from the 21% my folk enjoy. It helps me remember to breath. Yeah, not only do I look like an old geeser I have a memory like one. Until my autonomic nervous system is completely developed I might just forget to inhale. A puff of rarified air helps keep me in sync.
Me -- the long view

Don't I have pink skin. This Kangaroo Care stuff is cool. I get stroked a lot! gabes.jpg - 107012 Bytes

Hey, you never know what the passage of time will bring. By the way, in 2013 I've been to the School of Rock. Here I am these days playing lead guitar at a concert.

Come back here often. Things will be updated as often as my Grandfather Van can manage.

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